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K9 Fluent Dog Training is a company that knows you how you feel. Each of us trainers have at some point been in your shoes. We have felt defeated, lost, and failure at dog parenting. All is not lost, as a team we each have knowledge gain, skills acquired, and thirst to keep learning more. Since we have been in your shoes, we know how hard it is to take on a new way of communicating with your dog. It’s hard yet we are here each step of the way, to guide you and moral support. We are not a one trainer system; we are a training team. We as a team work together to train each dog to deliver the closest to real life interactions as we can achieve. Each of our programs have been designed by our Owner with the best results in mind for your dog, but also to guide and keep you the owner accountable. Each one of our programs yield a result to be gained with the help of K9 Fluent and you the dog parent. All our programs included and depend on you doing your homework and complying with the program assignments. We have a core protocol we adhere too as our base for each program and as each dog begins, we change what is needed to accommodate to your dog individual needs. During each lesson we update you and teach YOU what you should be doing, and what your dog needs from you. During this process not only do we fall in love with your dog as if it were our own, but we feel connected with you as we obtain results together for your fur kid. To us, you and your dog become family. Becoming a new addition to our K9 Fluent Family is just a phone call away!

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