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The Engage Wellness Plan is an Employer Sponsored Wellness Program. We broker and administer the program for employers and it works in conjunction with your current employer-sponsored health care plan. With the Wellness Program in place, a significant tax reduction is triggered for both the employee and the employer. The employer sees a guaranteed net savings in their FICA tax, averaging $700 per employee per year. The employee sees even more of tax savings.

The Engage Wellness Program has some amazing benefits built in at $0.00 net cost to the employer or the employee.

All full time employees get:

Access to Direct Primary Care for everything from regular office visits to urgent care with only a $10/copay,

Tele-medicine (no copay),

Access to a Health Care Advocate and the Engage Dashboard which gives them access to a variety of different wellness activities, including health risk assessments, smoking cessation, weight-loss plans, life, and business coaching, etc. all of which are included in the program.

The Wellness Program model and structure increases employee engagement, leading to healthier lifestyles which translates to a reduction in employee claims – measured each year with expectations of a reduced claim value of 1% – 2% of total spend which reduces long-term healthcare costs through mitigation of risks related to future disease and conditions. In client case studies this averages $1,400 per participant.


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