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Minky Couture started in 2009 when owner, Sandi Hendry’s daughter became very ill and was hospitalized for several months. During this time, Sandi longed for a way to bring comfort to her daughter while in recovery. Her daughter asked for a “big baby blanket” to snuggle up with during this time. Sandi looked everywhere for a fashionable, cozy blanket but was unable to find one perfect for her daughter. It was at this time that Sandi created the first-ever Adult size Minky Couture blanket. This incredibly soft blanket was swooned over by those surrounding her daughter in recovery. Sandi created 2 more, 10 more, 100 more per requests – giving them to those in need and selling them out of her trunk to people longing for luxurious comfort.

By 2015 there were five Minky Couture locations across the state of Utah and a thriving online store, all prepared to provide a product that is perfect for every reason in any season. As Minky Couture continues to grow and develop our brand of comfort and luxury, we strive to find opportunities to provide for those who struggle both physically and emotionally. We believe that comfort and luxury in the form of a warm blanket is both concretely warming while also metaphorically comforting.

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