Environmental Health Scientist

Environmental Health Scientist

Posted: 06/28/2020

Number of Openings: Up to 20
Employment Type: (COVID grant) Full Time Merit Exempt and Part-time positions available

Job Description

General Purpose
Provide working level support for Worksite Team in the fight against COVID-19, including disease investigation and active monitoring.
Example of Duties
(Any one position does not include all of the duties listed; nor do the listed examples include all duties which may be found in positions of this class). Performs data collection using standardized techniques and equipment.   Performs inspections and pollution source testing; independently evaluates data and prepares written and oral technical reports.  Evaluates pollution control equipment, public facilities, institutions, business, and treatment facilities to ensure compliance with County, State, and Federal regulations; negotiates compliance schedules and determines compliance status.  Trains in and conducts on site inspections of eating establishments, commercial facilities, public buildings, sewage disposal sites, water supplies and service stations to enforce an adequate level of environmental protection and safety.  Conducts and evaluates results of laboratory tests of samples for determining bacteria content of culinary water, swimming pools and non potable water sources.  Provides training to the public and other agencies; prepares and conducts local educational programs including environmental health surveys, health fairs, preparation of charts, graphs and reports.  Investigates complaints involving possible environmental health violations including unsanitary conditions in food facilities including insects, food poisoning, poor hygiene; recommends solutions and performs follow-up inspections to ensure health code compliance.  Computes statistical analysis; compiles statistics from random samples or full population studies.  Participates in epidemiological surveys and investigations to discover unhealthy conditions and methods of control and correction of epidemics.  Prepares inventories; responsible for care and maintenance of monitoring and data processing equipment.  Reviews plans and reports dealing with environmental and public health issues; keeps abreast of current literature and developments.  Performs quality assurance; assists in developing rules and regulations.  Operates a motor vehicle in a safe manner and in compliance with all Utah laws and regulations.  Performs related duties as assigned.
Education and Experience
Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s Degree in a field of study (i.e., agronomy, biology, botany, chemistry, environmental health science, geology, microbiology, physics, physiology, sanitary engineering, or zoology) that meets criteria for licensure as a Registered Environmental Health Scientist by the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL).

Must be licensed as a Registered Environmental Health Scientist by the Utah DOPL.

Special Qualifications
Must pass a criminal history background investigation.  Furnish personal transportation for on-the-job travel; employees driving a personal or a County vehicle for job related travel must possess a valid driver license and must operate a motor vehicle in a safe manner; new employees with an out-of-state license must obtain a valid Utah Driver License within sixty (60) days of hire date (exceptions for military personnel and their dependents).  Employees driving a personal vehicle while on county business must maintain the minimum vehicle liability insurance as specified in the Utah Code.

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