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The Community Benefits of Local Davis County Shopping Campaigns During the Holidays

Here are some tips from the Davis Chamber of Commerce on how to make your local shopping campaign a success.

How to Make the Shift to a Paperless Business

Think for a moment about how much paper your business generates in a month, a week, or even a day. You and your employees probably have documents upon documents everywhere. This was once business as usual, but it no longer has to be. Many businesses are making the shift to paperless or at least cutting back on how much paper they use, and you can, too.

Book Your Summer Scholarship Contest

Book Your Summer scholarship contest.

Digital Innovation Can Help Grow Your Company — Here's How

There are a number of ways that digital innovation can help you grow your small business — you just have to know where to look.

Davis Chamber of Commerce Members Save Up To 40% Off on Paints and Stains at Sherwin-Williams!

Members come in and receive up to 40% off Paints and Stains, and 15% off Supplies. Drop by our Farmington Station Location (1084 W Park Lane Farmington, Utah) and use Customer #2105-3768-4 to receive this Discount!

Complimentary Financial Literacy Masterclasses

#1 financial literacy course for businesses and organizations. Offered to chamber members for themselves and/or their employees

Financial Literacy

A New Davis County Entrepreneur's Starter Guide to Managing Business Expenses

While entrepreneurship gives you the opportunity to become your own boss, you also need to understand the ins and outs of running a company. One area you need to brush up on is expense management.

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